Fundacja Proces Postaci


The foundation has been operating since 2021 in Wrocław. It combines the fields of theatre, film and new media with social art. The vice-president of the foundation is Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk - mother, owner and creator of Kazio Sponge. This well-known puppet was created in 2009 at the Puppetry Department of the Wrocław Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since then, together with his mother, he has been travelling across Poland and appearing in the least expected places. Kazio Sponge is a six-year-old boy made of sponge with an advanced speech impediment. With his height (just "52 cm in trainers"), he does not go unnoticed. He says of himself that he has a sponge heart and that there is room for everyone - after all, a sponge absorbs a lot... Kazio has worked with many theatres and festival across Poland and was even awarded! © Photo: Jerzy Chaba
Nowe Dąbie
July 1, 2024 5:00 pm
Local promoter
Aneta Pytlak
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