Ingrid Mugu


Ingrid Mugu started her dance career at the age of 6 at the tap dance studio MODUS and has devoted herself to dance ever since. On her dance journey, she has completed her studies at ETA Dance School's Dance School, Sõleke Dance Group (where she later became a teacher) and Tallinn University's BA in Choreography, to name just a few. In 2015, she got her flamenco taste at the ArteFlamenco studio, and in 2021, her love for this art led her to the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco school in Seville with the Cultural Endowment and later ThreadRight scholarships, where she studied until June of this year. During her short flamenco journey, she has managed to be a dancer in tablaos (flamenco performance venues) both in Seville and Warsaw, at Palomares del Rio festival Guirijondo and was the main performer of this year's Tampere flamenco festival with the tablao performance "Unelmien tablao". Previously, she has presented her debut production "Põlemine" (“Burning”, STL Premiere'21) in Estonia.



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