Pohyb's und konsorten


Under the name "*pohyb's und konsorten - mobiles theater" German - Slovakian theater duo ... we, Maike Jansen and Stefan Ferencz, have been working together as a duo since 2004.We are on the road with our productions for children and adults in Germany and abroad. Our aim is to use simple, reduced means to create fun and amusing theater that appeals to the imagination of the audience - young or old - and transports them into fantasy worlds, making this experience possible for audiences outside of large theaters. Our productions have one thing in common: Versatility, flexibility, a focus on imagination, contact with the audience, as in Commedia dell'Arte, which allows us to integrate the audience's reactions into the play, and a physical play with clownish elements, slapstick and improvisation. We rely on simple, versatile stage constructions and costumes. Light, sound and music are reduced to the bare essentials and are created by us live on stage. We rely on our individual playful possibilities, pantomime, mask play, slapstick, clowning, impromptu play, rapid character changes, situation comedy, words, voice, sounds, moods and music. Each piece is given its own playful melange. The result is pieces full of liveliness, suspense, wit and poetic moments that can be understood without too many words and beyond language barriers. *"pohyb" is Slovakian and means "movement"
August 30, 2024 4:00 pm
Local promoter
Silke Bollhorst
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