Puck Puppet Theatre


The official opening of the Puppet Theatre of Cluj-Napoca is dated February 4, 1950, according to some documents, and February 5 according to others. The opening ceremony included performances by both the Romanian and Hungarian departments; the press coverage at the time stated that "The local puppet theatre will be very popular among children and young people". The events of 1989 also affected the puppet theatre, and for a short period between 1989 and 1990 its work became difficult. It took time for the performances to find their place in the new environment. In this context, the 'small' puppet theatre, together with the 'big' drama theatre, established some professional contacts with theatres around the world to enable it to link up with European theatre circles. It was at this time that Mircea Ghițulescu, then director of the Puppet Theatre, gave the name Puck to the institution. One of the most important roles in the creation of the Puck Puppet Theatre was played by Ildikó Kovács, who was the mentor and director of the Puck Puppet Theatre for 30 years after its creation.
Căpleni / Kaplony
September 16, 2024 12:00 am
Local promoter
Antal Csizmár
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