Simone Tudda


Cosentino class of '95, Simone Tudda was admitted in 2017 to the Luca Ronconi School of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano directed by Carmelo Rifici. He deepened his theatrical studies with masters such as Antonio Latella, Massimo Popolizio, Declan Donnellan, Mauro Avogadro, Giovanni Crippa, Andrea Chiodi, Paolo Rossi and Fausto Paravidino. (from the website About the Associazione Teatro della Cooperativa… The Association was founded, thanks to the support of the Abitare Cooperative (owner of the hall with one hundred and eighty-nine seats), at the beginning of 2002 by the playwright, director and actor Renato Sarti - former collaborator of the Piccolo Teatro with Giorgio Strehler and of the Teatro dell'Elfo in Milan - winner of the I.D.I. Prize, Vallecorsi Prize, Riccione Prize for theatre, Gassman Prize, Enriquez Prize, Ambrogino d'Oro. (from the website
October 11, 2024 12:00 am
Local promoter
Marco Pasquinucci
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