Award nominations for our Estonian partner Eesti Tantsuagentuur


World Theatre Day (WTD) is an international observance celebrated on March 27th. Due to that there was an annual Theatre Awards Ceremony held in Tartu, Estonia. 

We are very happy to announce that two productions of the Estonian Dance Agency's TantsuMENÜÜ (DanceMENU) had also been nominated for a dance award: Igor Lider's dance performance "The Change" and Ingrid Mugu's dance performance "Soledad". 

"The Change" and "Soledad" also toured around Estonia and gathered audiences and praises in every corner of the country.

“The dance productions premiered in the TantsuMENÜÜ program last season are all very different, but also similar. Namely, they are all created in one specific dance genre, which is not often seen on theatre stages, but they are all interwoven with modern dance. Masterfully and eloquently presented dance styles with a strong message,” shares TantsuMENÜÜ artistic director Raido Bergstein. 

Choreographer Igor Lider's dance performance "The Change" invites the viewer into the exciting world of street dance. Dedicated to hip-hop culture since childhood, four male dancers bring their years of experience to the stage. Their encounter with theatre and contemporary dance space creates a new and extraordinary change.

Multi-level, modern and eloquent.

“The Change” also performed in Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the summer of 2023. 

“Soledad’’ is a meeting place for flamenco culture and contemporary dance. Musicians from Spain, Canada and Estonia with a local flamenco dancer move through various stages and emotions created by loneliness. “Soledad’’ or  “Loneliness’’ is a piece about the freedom that being alone gives us, but also about the barriers that we have to build between ourselves and the others. Being free inside our delimited space, we still have to face ourselves in its most direct and rawest form.

News written by Kaisa Kattai from Eesti Tantsuagentuur (Estonia)

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