A planetary sphere rolls across the stage. Is it an ark or a cocoon? The dancer explores the big wide world, one hand, one foot, one head at a time, until she is brave enough to step out. Somewhere between dream and reality, full of emotions and as colourful as life itself, Chiffonade is about growing up, unfolding, freeing herself from the chrysalis, discovering the world and flying, until the dancer finally finds her freedom in the most wonderful way imaginable... Winner of the prize for the best dance performance at the FETEN Festival, Spain, 2024. Original Production Carré Blanc Cie (FRA). The 2023 production is a co-production between Teatro 4Garoupas (GER/BRA) and Carré Blanc Cie (FRA).


image artist
T4G, Teatro 4Garoupas presents a concept for young audiences that doesn't make concessions to the familiar formulas of the conventions of theater for children and young people, but seeks to push the b ...

Event Info

September 7, 2024 4:00 pm
Local promoter
Maike Jansen
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