Kaip atsirado drugeliai

Clown performance - "How Butterflies Became" inspired writer Gioconda Beli's story about creation, perseverance and dreams. Butterflies are birds that look like flowers, that is how they are imagined when they did not exist yet... Two clowns establish workshops and experimenting with transparent objects: water, bubbles, foam, transparent straws, connect shapes from them and try to create something something new, something as beautiful as a flower and graceful as a bird... their tireless efforts, willingness to push the limits, perseverance, attempts lead to many smiles and good ones emotions. The creators of the show raise the question - how does the work come about, to which one makes you want to smile?


image artist
Clown theatre studio "DULIDU" was founded in 2009. The ain the activity of the organization is to study and spread the art of clowning, to create professional performances for children and young peopl ...

Event Info

May 17, 2024 12:00 pm
Local promoter
Janė Giedraitienė
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