How do we perceive plant life? And if we could and would be able to see what is under our feet, would it change how we think about them and how we interact with them? Choreographer Magda Jędra, together with her co-creators, looks at the mechanism of plant invisibility, in the scientific world called 'plant blindness' syndrome, around which she develops her practice. This performance is their proposal of a 'cure' for human blindness to plant life, which can be assimilated without age restrictions. Magda Jędra in collaboration with Anna Steller and Ula Zerek.


image artist
I am a dancer, choreographer, and performer. Co-founding the Good Girl Killer group in 2005, we have been creating performances staged in theaters, art galleries, and urban spaces. In my work, I enjoy ...

Event Info

Wałcz Drugi
June 16, 2024 12:00 am
Local promoter
Ewa Janicka-Olejnik
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