László the Brave and the cursed mill

The Wind Rose touring season* of 2024 will be opened in Szajk with the Performance of János Pályi titled "László the Brave and the cursed mill" on the 27th of April at 14:30 in the Country House of Szajk. Special thanks to the Local Promoter Beáta Kálmán Gátszeginé for the generous support to make this event happen. This performance will open the first SPARSE Plus Rural Tour in 2024. In this traditional fairground puppet show, the jolly guy in the red lace teaches the devils and death itself a lesson with his pancake batter. It's a sparkling, lively glove puppet show, preceded by fairground stunts. The miller's mill is haunted by devils and ghosts. They won't let him kill the people's wheat. No bread without flour and there goes life. The poster was made by Darinka Pilári. * The "Wind Rose Network of Theatre Scenes" is the name of the partnership of five Hungarian villages: Szajk, Alsószentmárton, Szalatnak, Vásárosbéc, Hosszúhetény, thanks to the Sparse Plus - Supporting & Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe of the Creative Europe program.


image artist
János Pályi is a puppet artist based in Kaposvár. "We need likeable role models who, at least in our imagination or even the puppet theatre, can beat those who do wrong to us and to the world. T ...

Event Info

April 27, 2024 2:30 pm
Local promoter
Beáta Kálmán Gátszeginé
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