Nell’occhio del Labirinto: apologia di Enzo Tortora

The monologue - interpreted by Simone Tudda (Nominated for the 30th Hystrio Award for Vocations) - unfolds in a continuous narration where the diegesis goes beyond narrative boundaries to flow into the dialogue, goes back into the historical account, where the data are always told in an essential way to understand the events, alternates between the third person of an omniscient narrator who goes to spy on the prisoners in the prison of Fort Longone and the first person of the journalist, until he delves into his interiority at the moment of his arrest, trying to imagine how he might have felt, hounded in the middle of the night by carabinieri at the Hotel Plaza in Rome. Thus begins his years in the eye of the labyrinth, an expression that aims to combine the claustrophobia of those who do not know when, and above all if, they will be able to get out of their physical and mental imprisonment with the vigilante voyeurism of the press who, for one more copy sold has not hesitated to ignore the facts to make way for the most blatant sensationalism.


image artist
Cosentino class of '95, Simone Tudda was admitted in 2017 to the Luca Ronconi School of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano directed by Carmelo Rifici. He deepened his theatrical studies with masters such as ...

Event Info

October 11, 2024 12:00 am
Local promoter
Marco Pasquinucci
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