Santa Liberata Cabaret

The show begins with a street theater moment and active participation, outside the stage space: in the foyer or the area in front of the theater. Our Captainess Elisa Spanò, on stilts, will warm up the audience with tales of adventures and tests of courage, then lead them into the stage area. From there, the show opens with a tribute to Lina Wertmüller and her “Love and Anarchy”: singing "Canzone Arrabbiata," the artists introduce themselves by walking and presenting themselves as the courtesans of an early 20th-century brothel. They enter and exit, retreating to their rooms. Each room opens the door to a completely different female universe, alternating acts of skill and different female characters. A little girl, a woman, no, a mechanical doll will animate a crystal ball; a magic act will become a pantomime of overwhelming passion; childhood memories will make unknown patrons laugh; a volunteer from the audience will remember that there is a child ready to play inside them; the very serious magician will never lose her composure even in the face of the greatest disaster; eroticism, irony, and harmony will be the ingredients of the same potion. And will the fire exorcise the trauma of a not-too-distant war? “And remember that inside each of you hides a sideshow phenomenon, ready to devour you.” (Moira)


image artist
The Company that existed without knowing it. In October 2023, a group of women was invited and hosted by the Arci Santa Libbirata - La Carretteria club in Rome. The philosophy of the space is oriented ...

Event Info

San Ginesio
June 1, 2024 10:00 pm
Local promoter
Vera Vaiano
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