On June 15th, the first webinar dedicated to local promoters took place on Zoom. There were 64 participants from all countries involved in the project for a day of training. The discussion focused on the experiences gained during the first edition of SPARSE, starting from the viewing of the film (watch it here) and the meeting that the project leader will host in October, with the aim of delving into all organizational aspects of the rural touring system.

But who is the local promoter and what role does he/she play within the SPARSE project?

They are people who live in the selected communities and who have an active role within them. 

We have granular detail on who is a typical local promoter. For example, in Italy almost all live in the villages involved in the project or not far away, some work within the municipal administration, others lead associations that deal with municipal public spaces, while others organize amateur events in their locality. 

The Italian local promoter average age varies from 28 to 60 and mostly women. 

In Estonia promoters are mostly women ages 35 to 57; only two men active as local promoters. Most work in different positions in local government cultural houses and connect SPARSE also to other organizers outside cultural houses in their community. A small number of organizers work in the private sector, willing to contribute time and energy to their village´s cultural life. Estonian promoters are well connected with each other so SPARSE information spreads fast. In Romania the local promoter is typically community background. He or she is usually a priest, teacher, or just a local. Sometimes it's an artist who works in the city but lives in the village. In terms of age promoters are usually in their 20s or 40-50s.

Do you want to know more about the new local promoters?

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