Aldona Piaskowska

Aldona Piaskowska was born in 1970. She is a head of The Public Library of the Wałcz Commune in Lubno about which she speaks with great affection: “it is a magical place where everyone feels well and everyone has the opportunity to develop their passions and interests. I am open to every idea and every form of activity, because I feel that place I cocreate, not only supports the intellectual development of the local community, but is also friendly and helpful to its inhabitants. She counts the development of the library among her greatest achievements. During her tenure as director, the historical-regional activities of the library were significantly expanded and five regional books on the municipality of Wałcz were published. At the same time, she is actively involved in the regional activities, realising and initiating historical, artistic activities and in the spirit of a modern understanding of local patriotism.
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