Antal Csizmár

I am Antal Csizmár, a lover of theater, music, art, film and literature. I am a founding member of the Kaplony Amateur Theater Company (K.A.Sz.T) and I am the local promoter for the village of Kaplony within the framework of the SPARSE+ project. Our company was established in 2021 and currently consists of 16 members. Our goal is to present 1-2 performances each year for local and nearby people who appreciate the theater. We welcomed the SPARSE+ project with great enthusiasm because it allows us to bring culture to the local audience not only with our annual performances but also through additional theatrical presentations. In addition to acting, I spend my free time playing classical and rock guitar, writing songs, riding motorcycles, engaging in sports, traveling, reading, attending theater and concerts, hiking, and singing as a member of the local Páter Szabó Dömjén Mixed Choir, which allows me to reach various places through our performances and concerts.
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