Bodea György

I'm György Bodea, a chemistry teacher at the Cehu Silvaniei Lyceum. In my free time I do drama classes and I also manage the boys' volleyball team of our school. I am the chairman of the Berekenye Youth Society in Cehu Silvaniei. I have been the director of the Berekenye Drama Group for thirty years and I have been organizing the PADIF for 22 years. The Partium Student Drama Festival - PADIF is one of the largest gatherings of amateur theatre actors and groups from Transylvania and Hungary. Its aim is to provide a regular opportunity for young amateur and traditional theatre actors from our region to perform and compete. The meeting is also a great opportunity to meet and establish contacts between the participating ensembles. Thanks to the hard work of the students and the teachers who prepare them, this event has become a high quality meeting place for Transylvanian theatre groups. Citation about the kick-off meeting: For me the meeting in Italy will remain a wonderful memory, one of the best moments of my life spent in the company of great people. We quickly got to know the members of the Romanian delegation, so it was easy to work with the other participants. For me the presentations were interesting, I learned a lot about the organisation of the events and I received information about the organisation of the performances that will take place in our municipality. Favourite experiences and moments: The visit of Montalto delle Marche; the cultural show was exceptional; and the relaxation exercise in Castelo Trosino; the fire and the tree planting. The pizza baking was a good idea. I had the opportunity to meet many nice people from the participating countries, all credit to the organisers! I think with love of Noemi, Teo, Monika, Antal and Máté. You are wonderful people!
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