Erwing Rau

The Chilean-born actor and director has been working in Europe for 49 years. He can look back on a long career as a freelance theatre actor, with awards at many festivals. 1970 was elected National President of Antach (National Association of Amateur Theater of Chile). Representing over 600 theatre groups,Antach presented during his tenure the largest festivals of the amateur and semi-professional theater in Chile. As a leading actor in the Munich Volkstheater under the directorship of Ruth Drexel, he received awards from the Munich press and critics. He was director of acting school at the Ernst Waldau Theatre in Bremen. Since 2017 he has been a performing member of the Bremen Tourne Theater. For 26 years he ran his own theatre &restaurant Die Kastanie; TiM (Theatre im Martfeld) has a theater workshop and runs a program of guest performances as well as large open air productions.Through contacts with the local heritage association HVV, a cooperation of TiM with the cultural platform Martfeld (Kupla) arose. Since 2017 Kupla is responsible for guest performances of musicians in the Theater der Kastanie and TiM for the continuation of the theater workshop, productions and guest performances from the field of dance and theater. In 2022 Erwing Rau with TiM have been the local partners of Teatro 4Garoupas in the project PERFORM EUROPE, producing locally the touring of international companies within the program financed by Creative Europe. Within the SPARSEplus project is Erwing Rau the one of the Local Coordinators in Germany besides being the local promoter in Martfeld and the surrounding area.
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