Ewa Janicka-Olejnik

I am dance therapist, culture scientist and artistic events coordinator. Among my greatest achievements is writing a doctoral thesis on Japanese butoh dance and obtaining a PhD in Humanities. Earning a certificate in Dance and Movement Therapy and Art Therapy and conducting original movement-therapeutic classes SponTANY. Founding the performative duo Janicka-Elsner, within which I have realized several performances exhibited in Poland, France, and Cuba. Implementation and coordination of educational and artistic projects such as "Hydronarratives", Academy of Future Explorers, Operation ReNEWal, Summer Art Academy, Endorphins - a series of therapeutic workshops, Present in Dance. The inhabitants of Wałcz Drugi are partly post-PGR families who, after the fall of the PGR Wałcz, fell into poverty and alcoholism. Children from these families do not have access to artistic education and cultural events. That’s why my mission is to create conditions for them to participate in valuable artistic and educational activities without the need to travel to large towns.
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