Janusz Barański

I work at the Cultural Centre in Kotlin. A local government institution. Approximately 3,200 people (small and large) live in Kotlin with families "rooted" for decades to "new" residents building houses in the area. The village can be described as 'industrial' because of small and larger businesses such as the Owocowo-Vegetable Processing Plant. After 9 years of the Community Centre's activities, young people talking about settling in Kotlin mention the DCC as one of the (additional) arguments for choosing the place - a place where their children can pursue their passions. This brings me to the small successes, which I have just described. Now, some small points (achievements): the realisation of the 28th edition of the Kotlin Festival of Accordion Soloists and Ensembles - at the moment the oldest and longest continuously running accordion festival in Poland, I can't imagine living and working without acting for the local community. In order to reap positive effects in 5 -10 -15 years, we need to 'strategically' start many years before the expected effects. We have to realise (I know what I am saying from the perspective of many years) that the work never ends. We are in the middle of it all the time.
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