Katrin Põllu

Katrin Põllu works as a project manager at Rakvere Cultural Center and they organize cultural events and festivals in the city. “What I remembered most about the SPARSE PLUS Italy kick-off meeting in Ascoli Piceno, Italy was the hospitality, the openness of the participants, the diversity of cultures and the professionalism of the organizers. It was exciting to meet so many people from the cultural field of other European countries and to get to know the SPARSE PLUS project and its leaders. The most interesting were the meetings with local cultural organizers and places. I really liked getting to know the town of Montalto delle Marche, hearing about its history and walking around the narrow streets of the town. The concert of the ensemble La Macina was particularly brilliant. From the SPARSE PLUS meeting, I take with me new and nice acquaintances, interesting opportunities for cooperation, conversations and shared laughter. Of course, delicious Italian meals, wine and sun will also be remembered for the meeting!”
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