Magdalena Rożek

I work in a public library in a small town in western Poland. This is also where I live and where I am active for the local community. As a librarian, I am not only involved with books, but above all with projects for children and young people. I am involved in regional education for the youngest, which aims to show them how folk traditions and culture can be learned through play. For several years now, I have been a project coordinator at the library for young people aged 13 to 19. This enables young people from a small town to spend time creatively after school and acquire social skills that they will use in their adult lives. Our library is a place open to everyone, and we also go beyond its walls and organise events in urban spaces - we're even on the beach! - to make sure as many people as possible take advantage of what we have to offer. I love the mountains, where I relax actively, and I am involved in art therapy by running handicraft workshops for children, adults and seniors alike. © Krzysztof Rożek
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