Marketa Hrdlička Málková

Marketa Hrdlička Málková is cultural manager and director of the artistic residential house REZI.DANCE in Komařice. Marketa has been interested in contemporary dance and independent culture both on the Czech and European scene for a long time. She studied contemporary dance and theatre in Norway and New Zealand. Since 2010, she has been dedicated to bringing contemporary art to the region of South Bohemia. In 2015, she and her husband Aleš Hrdlička founded the first artistic residence house for performing arts, REZI.DANCE, in Komařice. In 2021, her management work was awarded by the Manager of the Year award at the ČTP festival, and in 2022 the REZI.DANCE project won the DNA theater award. She is a member of several grant committees and a member of the dramaturgical board of ČTP and New blood on the scene. Since 2023, she has been the chairperson of professional organization Vize Tance. She is interested in interdisciplinarity – mainly dance and architecture/contemporary art. In the past, she collaborated with Michal Škoda from the House of Art in České Budějovice on several projects dealing with this topic. At the moment, she is interested in landart and artistic interventions in the landscape (both visual and physical) and how to work non-violently with the local regional community and involve them in the process of active viewing or creation.
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