Vera Vaiano

I am Vera Vaiano, Clown, Juggler and Mime since 2004 in art Vera VĂ¹. During these years I have been a guest of the major, and minor, street theatre festivals on the Italian scene. Since 2006 I began training as a small circus educator. In this same year I founded together with Giulio Barbato and Claudio Benegas the first school of social circus in Naples, and over the years I have continued to train and work as an educator and outdoor expert in public and private contexts. Also becoming a trainer for adults. I work in circus pedagogy, body expression and cooperative play. 2009 also saw the start of a new adventure with the Circobus, street entertainment in which play spaces are set up with the scent of the Circus almost everywhere. By a lucky chance in 2010 I approached the world of artistic direction discovering a new declination for my passions. I have been in charge of directing numerous Street Theater events and Play Festivals. The historical and longest-running festivals whose artistic direction I follow are the Siris festival in Trecchina (PZ) for 15 years and the Mime Festival in San Ginesio for 10 years. Since 2021 I have been in charge of programming the Childhood and Adolescence Section of the Ginesio Fest. This is my job: to bring culture and play to sometimes unexpected settings. Sometimes as Artist, sometimes as Director, always as Educator.
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