The European SPARSE PLUS project also includes a research component. It is divided into four parts: evaluation, two researches and a follow-up arts advocacy.

The evaluation will be used to assess the success and effectiveness of the project. The aim of the evaluation is to obtain information on the impact and benefits of each part of the project/activity on local promoters, artists and audiences. The evaluation of the project is a key element to improve the effectiveness in future activities. We will draw on the results in ouradvocacy work.

The theme of one of the research is Arts Funding in Rural Areas of Europe. The research project seeks to uncover the current landscape of public funding for the arts in rural areas within the European Union and propose a set of recommendations.

The results of the research will be engaged in an advocacy programme, developing materials and identifying key platforms and agencies that we need to enter into dialogue with (at regional, national and European levels) to disseminate work, the evidence and the importance and relevance of rural touring to the localism and environmental as well as rural agendas.

The research will result in a 50-page document in English, that will be made available online on the project website.

This part of the research will be presented at the Symposium, organized by Nová síť, in Prague and Broumov Monastery in 2025.

The main topic and aim of the second research is now under discussion, but it will be focused on rural areas and will also be published publicly.

cover image: © Nová síť / image below: © Marketa Hrdlička Málková

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