The first in-person project partner meeting in Vilnius: 4 days of intense and wonderful work for the entire team.


From April 28th to May 1st, 2023, the first partner meeting of the project took place in Vilnius.

The project required extensive preparation, which began as early as 2021. Finally, after numerous Zoom meetings, all the individuals who worked for the success of the application came together in person to work concretely on activities, schedules, communication, and reporting.

It's wonderful to see such great collaboration among the partners, who have immediately put their expertise at the service of each other and the project.

During these days of intense work, the group had the precious opportunity to engage in dialogue with two key figures from the first SPARSE project in Lithuania: actor Raimondas Klezys and local promoter Joana Giedraityte. Both of them shared their positive experiences with the project, which represents an opportunity for cultural and social growth for all involved.

In addition to briefly visiting the beautiful city of Vilnius, the partners had the opportunity to watch two performances: 7 Ratai from the Lithuanian Company “No Shoes” and the performance 71 BODIES 1 DANCE from the Norvegian artist Daniel Mariblanca. Indeed, during such occasions, it is essential to share moments of socialization and engage in discussions while experiencing common cultural events.

Goodbye, and see you at the next in-person meeting... in Italy! From October 2nd to 6th, 2023, with the participation of 50 local promoters from all the countries involved. Looking forward to it!

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