Căpleni / Kaplony

Căpleni is a village and municipality centre in Satu Mare county, Romania. It lies 5 km north of Carei, on the left bank of the river Crasna, at the edge of the former Ecsedi marsh. The village withstood the trials of the Middle Ages (Tatar invasions, Turkish invasions), and its survival is due to the fact that the Ecsedi lagoon, which existed at that time, provided its inhabitants with shelter and an excellent source of food. It was completely depopulated following the Rákóczi’s War of Independence and plague epidemics of 1703, and was then settled by Sándor Károlyi, who colonized the village with Catholic Swabians. Among its landmarks is the Roman catholic church of St. Antal, rebuilt in neo-Romanesque style by Miklós Ybl, and the mausoleum of the Károlyi family with its beautiful bronze sarcophagi located under the church.
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