The well-known village of Deja, which belongs to the municipality of Sălățig, is located nine kilometres south of Cehu Silvaniei and three kilometres from the Zalău road and the Sălaj dam. Due to the modest economic potential of the village, a large part of its population has supplemented their income through pottery for centuries. Deja was a significant pottery center in Sălaj county, along with Zalău and Șimleu Silvaniei. They produced plates, bowls, cups, cabbage pots, flower pots, and even stove pots. The ethnographer Dr. Károly Kós found information dating back to 1850 regarding the stove tiles of Désháza, which indicated that the tiles for the priest's house in Doba-Mică were made in Deja. The local youth established a youth club, followed by a folk dance group, and organized various sports and other events in their village.
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