Amidst the picturesque valley of Hârtibaciu river lays the village of Hosman. The fortified church in the center of the settlement is one of the most photographed sunjects in Transylvania. In clear weather the church has as background the spectacular view of the often snow-caped mountains Făgăraşi, which formed once the boundary of the Austrian and respectively Hungarian sphere of influence. As part of the southern Carpathian, the mountains reach heights over 2.500m. Today Hosman is one of the starting points of the Brukenthal cultural trails, by which one can explore the surroundings in trips up to nine days. On site the Association “Hosman Durabil” (Sustainable Hosman) supports the development of the settlement. Focus of work is the preservation of the cultural and built heritage and improvement of the living conditions. As part of their work, the old mill was refurbished to host cultural events. Here one can take a guided tour and buy bread, which is backed following traditional recipes and methods.
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