Hosszúhetény is a picturesque village in the south of Hungary, at the foot of the highest point of the Mecsek Mountain (Zengő). The village has 3500 inhabitants. Our village is a traditional settlement with colourful folk costumes, folk songs, folk dances, folk songs. The village has a singing group, children's choirs, several bands, football and handball teams with excellent results, a bicycle club and many other civil organisations. For visitors there are 24 village hotels in Püspökszentlászló, Kisújbánya and Hosszúhetény, offering excellent village food, wine and activities. Among its attractions and tourist attractions is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, built at the end of the 18th century in Baroque style and dedicated to St. Nicholas. The Glass Exhibition, which commemorates the villages of Pusztabánya and Kisújbánya, the Barber's Workshop, which is reminiscent of the 1940s, and the country house, which is a demonstration of old traditional everyday life, where traditional oven-baked meals are prepared for groups who book in advance. Also in the country house is the local Treasure House of the Mecsek Giant Adventure, where families, groups of friends and classes can learn about the history of the village and the beauty of the Mecsek landscape on a guided tour with a treasure at the end. The traditional Autumn programme is the Hetény Harvest. Dancers from the Traditional Preservation Association perform local folk dances and songs in the village's main street. Visitors can taste the wines of Langhetény wine producers and buy handicraft products. At the end of the harvest parade, a "grape picking" takes place, followed by a traditional country ball until dawn. Come and visit us, everyone is welcome in Hosszúhetény!
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