The village of Komařice (Komárice, Komarschitz in German) is located in the district of České Budějovice, region of South Bohemia, approximately 8 km northwest of Trhové Sviny and 12 km southeast of České Budějovice. The first mention of the village dates back to 1278. The history of the village of Komařice is not only very rich, but also very old. It is said that the settlement here was one of the first in the area, already around 600 AD. There is a Renaissance castle and a Baroque seven-story contribution granary in the village. Forestry and an extensive system of ponds are also of a great importance here. In the past, the castle belonged to the Cistercian monastery - during this period the village flourished. New estates, mills, hammer mills were created, a smelter was built in which potash (potassium carbonate used to make glass and soap) was boiled. There were large gardens where there was an orangery for growing citrus and figs, and it was also here that lettuce was grown for the first time in Bohemia. Hops, vines and hemp and flax were also grown in the fields. Large fruit orchards were established, and the local brewery, which operated here until 1904, was of a great importance. It was said about Komařice beer that one could eat it as well as drink it, so it was said to be thick. Komařice owes its name to pastures. The name comes from the Old Slavonic komar, komarno, komarník, Komarovic, which all mean pastures far from settlements, poor shelter on pastures, hills, in the mountains where shepherds live. Russians still say "living in a coma" - temporarily in the mountains.
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