Montalto delle Marche

Montalto delle Marche is a wonderful place, starting with its location, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, at 525 meters above sea level, between the two rivers Aso and Tesino, 30 minutes from the Riviera of the Palms and the Adriatic Sea, a little more from the Sibillini Mountains chain, surrounded by rolling hills and villages all around. The area includes in addition to the early medieval town center, the hamlets of Porchia and Patrignone with their castles and the Valdaso hamlet of Montalto, the garden of the Marche region. Historically, Montalto has its roots in the Neolithic period, but it becomes a protagonist of history with the birth of its most illustrious fellow citizen Felice Peretti-Pope Sixtus V. Montalto is also the town of more than a thousand linden trees, to be visited in spring to fully enjoy their scent and of the "cerquatonna," a centuries-old tree with a characteristic round shape.
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