Where is the village located: 15 km north of Miskolc (the capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county) Population: less than 421 (according to a census in January 2021) Sajósenye, a small village in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, is only half an hour's drive from Miskolc, the county centre. Although the population is small (less than 500 residents), the infrastructure is modern and well developed. The village community hall of Sajósenyei is located in the centre of the village, where you can also find the Mayor's and the doctor's office. The building's ceremonial hall is used for hosting cultural events, however, just as with many of the neighboring small villages, it is often considered a sleeping village. Younger residents travel to the surrounding towns for work, so local farmers and retired people are the ones who make weekdays more colourful. The village has a nice kindergarten that is attended not only by local children but also by children from neighbouring villages. The nursery regularly organizes children's activities and celebrates Santa Claus, Christmas, Carnival or ”Farsang” and Mother's Day. Although Sajósenye is quite small, its few cultural events are enthusiastically attended by the residents and family friendly programmes are always well received. Sajósenye and its community are ideal for organising the SPARSE+ programmes, despite the fact that it is mainly a sleeping village. The Village Hall of Sajósenye offers a great potential to organise events and welcome residents.
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