The village of Szajk is located in Baranya County, along the main road 57, and nowadays it belongs to the Bóly district. The village has existed for at least a millennium. Despite many hardships, our ancestors overcame all difficulties with their will to live and hard work. They enriched our wealth, community, spiritual and cultural values, encouraging us to preserve them. The municipality currently runs several community centres: the Szajk Culture Centre, the Szajk Youth Club, the Szajk Library, Information and Community Centre and the Szajk Country House, which was inaugurated by the municipality in 2015 as part of the 1000 Years of Szajk celebrations. In the country house, equipment, utensils, folk costumes and agricultural tools typical of the life of the Swabian population are displayed. Not only in the communal areas, but also in the local village cellar, we organise programmes, gatherings and private events. Currently, the multi-ethnic population (Hungarian, German, Croatian) of Szajk lives together in harmony. Cultural programmes are organised jointly by the Szajk Municipality, the German Municipality of Szajk, the Croatian Municipality of Szajk and the local "Adopt Me" Foundation (which aims to help disabled people and their relatives) for local and rural visitors.
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