Szendrőlád is a village in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary. It is located 6 km to Edelény which lies in the valley of Bódva River, 25 km north of the county seat, Miskolc. Szendrőlád was first mentioned in the 13th century. The village was destroyed by the Turkish, it started to develop again after the expulsion of the Turks. The population lived mainly from farming, the limestone mining and brick manufacturing. Development accelerated in the 19th century thanks to the railway. The number of people working in industry increased. Ethnic groups: In 2022, 91.2% of the village’s population declared themselves Hungarian, 61.2% Gypsy, 0.2% Greek, 0.1-0.1% Bulgarian, Slovak, Serbian and Polish, 0.2% other. Population: 2209 (1 Jan 2023)
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