The town of Vidiškiai is located on the right side of the Šventoji river, near the old post road Warsaw-Petersburg. Almost 400 people live in this town. The name of Vidiškiai is mentioned in written sources since 1502, and the manor has been known since the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 2022, the town will celebrate its 520th anniversary. The most impressive building in the town is the Holy Trinity Church, classified as late classicism architecture. Near the town there is one of the famous and interesting objects - the Great District Partisan Park founded by Monsignor Alfonso Svarinka, and a couple of kilometers to the east is the Šventupė Manor. This manor is included in the tourist route “Ring of manors” Ukmergė district. Currently, there is a library and Šventupė culture department. There are 2 large independent collectives operating in the House of Culture: Folkloric collective “Ulyčia” and chapel “Volungė”. Non-traditional events are held, one of the largest of which is St. Bartholomew's holiday, which takes last weekend of August, which gathers more than 500 participants and spectators. Thanks to the activity of the community, a community park was organized, where an outdoor stage was built, a children's playground and outdoor exercise equipment were installed. Last year, thanks to the ŽŪM project, the beach was repaired. Currently, a multi-purpose building is being renovated, which will house an old town hall, a dispensary, a community house and a cultural house.
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