Surrounded by wonderful nature, near the Venta River, on the Šiauliai - Mažeikiai highway, Viekšniai is located. More than 2000 people live in this town. One of the most visited places in Viekšniai is the old water mill, which is a technical monument. And next to the church there is a memorial exposition of professors Biržiškiai - the house where the family of three famous professors - Mykolas, Vaclovas, Viktoras Biržiškiai - lived. People of the town have something to be proud of, but they don't have a cultural center building, the cultural workers take shelter in a building belonging to the Viekšniai municipality, which is not very suitable for the development of cultural activities. In the cold season, events are taking in the hall of the Mažeikiai Polytechnic School and in the summer in various spaces: near the water mill, on the outdoor stage in the Juodeikiai pine forest.
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